BLADES Lightweight Aluminum Stash Jar, Set of Two Smell Proof Volume Capacity and 1/2 
Ounce (200ml), Holds Dry Herbs, Spices, Tobacco, Medicine, Tea, Coffee, Pills

· Lightweight Herb Container – Our herb jar offers a unique and portable way to store your dry herbs, medicine, tobacco and 
  more. Made with lightweight aluminum to make carrying these little jars easy.

· Smell Proof Stash Jar – Twist the screw top tight on our aluminum smell proof jar and store your stash securely while 
  keeping all odors contained. Even the most sensitive nose won’t know what you’ve got in your pocket.

· Light Proof Herb Jar – This light proof aluminum herb jar keeps your delicate herbs and photosensitive medicine protected 
  from harmful light, especially UV rays. Your herbs will remain dry, safe and protected when you use this stash jar.

· Wide Open Top – Easily access your coffee, tea, medicine, or dried herbs with our exclusive wide mouth design that lets 
   you grab a pinch of this and a dash of that easily and quickly. Easy access has never been better.

· Set of Two – Conveniently packaged in a set of two, our lightweight aluminum stash jars are perfect to store your stuff at 
  home, in the car, or on the go in your pocket.

BLADES Lightweight Aluminum Stash Jar ½ Ounce


    Hod HaSharon 1132, Israel