Carry With Confidence

Whatever you need to carry with you, whether it be medicinal or recreational, BLADES Pocket Smell Proof Non-Stick Silicone Container will seal tight and protect it. Providing excellent storage for dry herbs of any type, Ointment creams, and liquid concentrate, BLADES Pocket offers a 100% safe storage. Made from food grade silicone it has designed for tight sealing keeping your contents inside and the elements outside above and underwater.



BLADES Pocket offers an excellent storage solution for your lip balm, beads, spices, and a multitude of other items. Carry them with you in the car, or toss them in your bag. You can count on it to hold their contents securely, with no worries of spillage.


Bright and Colorful

Available in six different bright Neon colors offset with Matt black, you will be able to find one that expresses your personality. Carry your stash in full color wherever you go.


No Waste Jars

BLADES Pocket allows you to enjoy every bit of your medicine. No more wasting liquid, wax, or herbs stuck to the sides. Our silicone jars offer you the flexibility you need to access every bit of your contents with ease. Although flexible enough to get every bit of stash out, BLADES Pocket are also sturdy enough to hold up to bumps and drops. The tight silicone seal prevents them from spilling.


Smell Proof

BLADES Pocket is completely smell proof and allow you to carry what you need while protecting your privacy.

BLADES Pocket Wax Container 5ml BPA Free ~ Pink

SKU: Pink - 5ml

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