BLADES U.V-PRO Series Herb Container Large Capacity Smell Proof Airtight True Ultraviolet Herbs Jar - 14 gr ~ ½ oz


Handcrafted Beauties: Don’t just store your herbs in any old jar you can find, store it in a piece of art that will look good on any shelf. Our three artist signature designs depict the Sun- for day, Moon for night, and one that features both the sun and the moon.

True Amber Glass Herb Jar: Made with premium Ultraviolet blocking glass the jars are hand drawn with our signature designs. Don’t believe us? Hold them up to the sun and you can see their lovely amber hue. That's because they block out UVA & UVB and allow only visible light to pass through.

Airtight Herb Container: Don’t let that oxygen get to your herbs and destroy it. Our airtight container keeps out the oxygen containing air to prevent unnecessary oxidation of the herbs. The U.V. glass ensures that no contaminants and microbes eat away your precious stash.

Smell Proof Large Capacity Jars: These jars can hold up to 14 grams of herbs or 200 ml of liquids easily. The Pro U.V glass jars are odor free, so your herb does not acquire any foreign odors and remains true to its smell.

Dimensions: Each of these hand painted jars measures 8.5 cm high with a diameter of 6.5 cm for ease of access. So keep your precious herbs as they should be in pieces of art. Buy your jars now and forget about being discrete. These jars are meant for display.

Power of U.V. Jars

All organic matter decays in the presence of light and air. This is especially true of plant-based matter like your dried herbs and spices that need to be preserve for a long time. When they come in contact with air and light they start to decay and lose their potency. The medical amber glass blocks out all UV light from the visible light spectrum which prevents damage to the herbs, spices or any other organic matter stored within. That is why most light sensitive organic products are kept in dark bottles but most specifically in dark or U.V amber jars.



Benefit of  BLADES UV-PRO Jars

Our jars are made with True U.V amber glass that prevents the damaging UltraViolet UVA and UVB light spectrums from entering the jar to prevent your herbs and spices from decaying. These herb jars are airtight, so they prevent air from entering the jars and oxidizing the herbs kept within. With both light and oxygen blocked from the jar, your herbs stay fresh longer.


Beautiful Artifacts

These jars are discrete enough to hide their contents inside, but you will never feel like hiding them away. They are beautifully and painstakingly hand designed by gifted artists to create jars that look beautiful and can be proudly displayed. The jars come in three signature designs – The Sun, The Moon and Sun Moon Combination.

Psychedelic Stash Jar Smell Proof Airtight HD Herbs Container 14 gr ~ ½ oz

SKU: Day
    • Medical Herb Container
    • Ultra Violet European pressed Glass
    • UV Light Block :100-400 nm
    • Smell Proof
    • HD Art Print on Glass
    • Capacity: 14 Gr ~ 1/2 oz
    • Measurements: H:8 cm D:6.5 cm
    • Wide Open

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